Our hidden choreography  
  moving into synergy     

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Create synergy in our lives by moving together.

Moving Thought offers personal coaching around study, work and/or life, supported by movement classes, group courses, and further education workshops

The foundation of Moving Thought is the progression of phases we go through in our earliest movement patterns to be able to connect and move with flow and effortlessness in our lives. These movements are the alphabet of our non-verbal communication today. Supporting us as we move through daily activities and all phases of our lives.

Movement is much more than the dance step, yoga pose, or the jog we take: We move continuously through out the day and our lives. 

As adults most of our movement is done automatically, depending on our body intelligence allowing us to concentrate on reaching higher goals.  

We first learn this body intelligence through our baby movements: making it our first language of  communication and laying the foundation for interactions and our ability to participate. These movements later help us to know where to place a foot, how far to reach, how fast to go and organise us to arrive on time, be ready to participate for the event/ milestone that needs to be met.

Practicing moving together through these movement patterns can give us insights into our reactions, interactions and understanding of missed opportunities. Are they supporting our actions or hindering our ability to fully participate in our lives?

Most of us likely will experience a period of disconnect during our lives. When we feel out of balance, not able to do what is expected of us or deal with what is going on around us and the ability to cope with it. 

Do you accidentally bump into things? Do you find yourself disorientated? Are you finding it difficult to move on after one or more significant events in your life?  Have you arrived at a standstill in your study or work? Have you lost perspective of where to go? Do you repeat the same behavioral patterns? Do seemingly changed patterns return to the way they were? 

Come and join us!

Revisiting these early movements can re-engage, dust off or finish the processes these patterns were meant to give us.

Renewing and refreshing this movement foundation is essential for reaching our goals, finding balance in our lives  and for our well being.