Moving Thought

Movement Classes

One hour movement classes, please wear loose fitting clothes

Tuesdays 13.30-14.30 or 15.30-16.30   cost: 10 euro          

 Wednesdays 15.30-16.30  cost: 10,00 euro

There are no classes on 20 and 21st september

The classes are open, come when you can. Please send a sms beforehand to say you are coming 06-26322835
Vredenburg Dansstudio Amsterdam: see contact page for address 

Movement Classes

We create synergy by moving together with the world.

The movement classes offer an opportunity to practice with others, renewing the foundation which is essential for our interactions, communication and well being.

The class is based on our earliest movement patterns: sometimes to revisit them and/or other times to repattern them.

These movement patterns create the physical foundation of our non verbal communication and support us as we move through all activities in the day and through all phases in our lives.

They awaken our sense of belonging, ability to make contact, orientate and direct ourselves, support our ability to organise, plan, and realise goals through out daily living. They stimulate and bring back movement qualities that we need for optimal functioning. For instance: balance, orientation, connection, time, concentration, direction, distance, navigation, progression and align a sense of belonging with a sense of motivation.  





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